H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everyday) contains the following:

As we’ve mentioned, Disability Dream Weavers is a non-profit organization that is built to empower persons with disabilities to fulfill their dreams by transforming the impossible into possible and thus enhance the quality of their lives. Our mission is accomplished through our life enrichment programs that provide disability education, information, resources and services for purchasing essential items. Moreover, we provide HOPE for those who have been neglected because of a disability. 

HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) is one of our programs. Through different campaigns under the program HOPE, we encourage and help persons with disabilities to live up their dreams just like everybody else does. It could be as simple as taking them out for a lunch/dinner, or helping them with their dream to go see the world, or helping with education or career opportunities, or may be just meeting a celebrity!

Recently, DiDW has agreed to produce a reality TV show called “Love and Cooking”. We have come to terms with the Studio M.I.F. for the production of the TV show “Love and Cooking”.

We’ve following ongoing campaigns under the HOPE program:

  • B.A.C.- Build A Career

One of major campaigns BAC, is dedicated to improving the lifestyles of the persons with disability by helping them pursue the education and/or the courses needed to go for their career/job/profession/passion/interest/hobby. We want to give them the lifestyles equivalent to a normal person.

We take them thru the counseling sessions, if needed, to make the right choices. Apply for loans/help/finance options to take up the education/course in order to successfully accomplish their dreams.

  • T.A.T.- Take A Tour

We understand that mobility is a major concern when it comes to a person with disability. They do want to go see out the world just like a normal person would. So, our campaign TAT helps them take a tour to wherever they dream of going. It may be taking a flight, to going on a cruise, to going for a movie/event, or simply driving around the block. 

  • L.Y.D.- Live Your Dream

We totally encourage the underprivileged and persons with disabilities to set their goals in life and dream for a bright future. We support them with the corresponding resources in an appropriate way to help them achieve the same. It could be anything like, starting a small business, acting/directing/producing a TV or radio show, getting married, buying a car/house, or any other dream. Our campaign LYD helps you live up your dreams.

  • M.A.C.- Meet a Celebrity 

It’s always a fantasy for anyone to meet their ideals/role models and movie stars. Not only do they make you feel good but also inspire you too under our campaign MAC. We take this initiative to help them meet their role models/celebrities in person.